President’s Comment – 24 Dec 17

Merry Christmas to All


I would like to wish all members a safe and merry Christmas. Enjoy your family and your holiday break.

Carolyn and I will be overseas from Wednesday 10th January until Sunday 11th March 2018. I will try to attend meetings during our time away but with time differences and unknown Wifi connectivity our President Elect Marilyn with the assistance of Secretary Debbie Schache, will be conducting the meetings twice per month.


Little Paths Christmas Appeal

Little Paths Australia – Mwanza, Tanzania

RAWCS Project 68 of 2009-10

Please consider donating to Little Paths, Mwanza, Tanzania, one of our Club projects below:

This Christmas period, we are aiming to raise $10,000 to help us to keep kids in school, off the streets and safely cared for by their families, in Tanzania. We simply insist and we hope you will too – that no child should ever leave their family looking for the opportunity to survive extreme poverty, this Christmas or any other.

Help us fight poverty by contributing a gift towards educational scholarships and family supports.

Raising $10,000 this Christmas period, will help us to continue our fight for safety, family and educated futures, to improve vulnerable lives.


President’s Comment – 17 Dec 17

Hi All,

Our next meeting will be a social meeting on Wednesday 20th December at 7.30pm Eastern Daylight Saving Time. Also we will induct a new member – Monica Vaughan and announce another award.

If you are not a member and wish to attend please notify – 

I found the article below on how to use social media more effectively. Applying some of these principles could assist our Club as we utilize this medium more to get our message out to the public.

It provides some useful information to help you to create and publish your social media to better effect.